Starseed® Amazon Superfoods Shake




Starseed® Amazon Superfoods Shake

Try our different Starseed Shakes as a delicious source of plant-based POWER from the Amazon.

Sacha Inchi is an ancient super seed, (not a nut!) which we make into a smooth and enjoyable Shake with unmatched Nutrition!

Organic - Fair Trade

Premium plant based nutrition, powered by organic Sacha inchi.

5.3 OZ Pouch | 5 Servings
1.1 OZ Pouch / 1 Serving

1 LB Jar / 15 Servings


Starseed organic sacha inchi powder, organic lucuma, organic maca, organic mesquite, organic camu camu, organic andean purple corn, organic gelatinized quinoa, organic yacon, organic stevia extract.