Our Story

Our passion for our planet and our wellbeing is the driving force our company.

Starseed founders and childhood buddies Juan Manuel Benavides and Wallis Winder have been on a quest to change the way care for our health and our planet.

It is in the Amazon that they found what they were looking for: the most nutrient-rich, purest natural products capable of bringing health to people around the world. Nature´s treasures, powerful enough to be the perfect tool to protect the planet.

At Starseed / Amazon Health Products we run a socially and environmentally responsible operation integrating our network of organic farms with our certified manufacturing facility and market building capacity.

Our Process

To offer the cleanest, purest, and most unique natural products, we take head on all the hard work of vertically integrating from field, to factory to market. This means we take into account all aspects that have a direct influence in our business, and carefully develop capacity throughout our chain of value. This involves our quality-controlled manufacturing process in which we produce high value added products.

As pioneers and global leaders in Sacha Inchi, we’ve been working at the field level from when Sacha Inchi was found only as a wild plant. Years of pursuit for the best variety (Plukenetia Volubilis L.) and selection and breeding for nutrition and stability makes Starseed not just our brand but also the most powerful and purest Sacha Inchi in the world.

* Organic: Our 03 program (Onogoing Organic Operations) is a labor intensive effort to assure Starseed as the, safest and purest Sacha Inchi.

* Manufacture: At Starseed we take our processing seriously! We have been running our own manufacturing from our early days. Years of an intense pursuit for developing the best technology and equipment is key to our leader-ship. Our newly built processing facility is a state of the art, one of a kind platform to produce the best quality natural products.

* Test: We test for every single batch that we produce, and we keep our batches small for better control and testing. Our in-house lab and Quality team test on a real time basis at every phase of the manufacturing of our retail and bulk ingredients before going to market. Moreover, every batch produced is also tested at independent, 3rd party accredited laboratories.

* Package - Distribute - Shelf: Our products are packaged both in retail presentation and in bulk assuring our premium, plan nutrition is carefully protected from our facility to the different markets around the world from light, air, and punctures.